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mogul2I am a bit over 6 months into Empire Avenue(EAv); so I guess it is time to help folks understand what I am doing.  I was very fortunate to have excellent guidance that helped me focus on being successful with EAv.  The advice was simply to concentrate on building wealth.  Everything else will follow.  I have found that continues to be true.

I am not a Social Media or any other kind of rock star.  I joined Empire Avenue because I didn’t really know much about Social Media.  I started with dormant LinkedIn account and a few hundred friends on Facebook.  I really wanted to us EAv as a sandbox for learning and experimenting.  It has gone reasonably well.  My Klout score is 77.  My Kred is 762/8.  My PeerIndex is 66.  I have thousands of FB, G+, Twitter, LI, other connections.  I have an active blog presence on WordPress…

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